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Orthodontic treatment for adults

Orthodontic treatments are possible at any age. Thus, adults can realign their teeth in the same way as children and adolescents.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment in adults

Adults who consult an orthodontist  to realign their teeth usually do so for aesthetic reasons. The beautification of the smile remains a concern at any age. If aesthetics is an important objective, attaining proper functioning of the teeth is also essential: well-aligned teeth make brushing easier, thus preventing the formation of cavities and tartar deposits. This thorough brushing helps protect gums and helps fight against tooth loss. The functions of the mouth (mastication, phonation, respiration) are also improved.

All orthodontic treatment , for adults or children, can only be done in a clean and healthy mouth. Control of brushing is a prerequisite for all orthodontic treatment . A complete dental examination by your dentist should be performed before the treatment  to ensure that there is no gum desease, tooth decay or tooth loss in evolution. If these problems are present, they need to be adressed before starting the orthodontic treatment.

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Orthodontic techniques

In adults, orthodontic treatment  can be done using metal or transparent braces bonded to the teeth and connected by an orthodontic arch wire along which the teeth are moved. There are other more discreet treatment options such as lingual braces (which are glued to the inside of the teeth), or Invisalign which consists of a series of clear plactic aligners. For more information see pages entitled "Treatments/Lingual" and "Treatments/Invisible".

Informations traitement orthodontique adultes

In adult patients that have bridges connecting several teeth, moving a whole bridge is impossible, unless the bridge is cut. Implants are impossible to move. In more severe situations, surgical techniques  may be associated with treatment In order to restore the correct position of the jaws. In some cases and to facilitate treatment, smaller implants can be placed to provide a better anchorage in order to move the teeth more effectively. These mini implants are removed at the end of the treatment and leave no sequelae.

Orthodontics  is possible at any age but requires special skills.
Indeed, the absence of growth, the lack of some teeth, the presence of prosthetic restorations, gingival dammage etc., make these treatments  sometimes more complex. Despite these difficulties, adults may benefit from an  orthodontic treatment  regardless of age. We even offer Invisible solutions for our patients that are conscious about their aesthetics.
The oldest patient Dr. Benguira treated started her treament at 69 years old!