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Our sterilization clinic

Dr David Benguira orthodontiste montreal
To protect the health of our  patients, staff and the environment, the organization of our clinic meets strict rules of hygiene and sterilisation.

Protecting your health

The clinic was  designed to delimit a space in which the clinical area has minimal contact with the outside. The area where the instruments are sterilized is separated from the examination room and care area. The clinical team wash their hands before and after each intervention with an antiseptic gel. Gloves and medical masks are worn during patient care and  are discarded after each intervention.
In the sterilization room (separated from the rest of the clinical space), Non-disposable instruments are soaked in disinfectants, then sonicated with  an ultrasonic disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide bath.
Finally they are put in bags and autoclaved ( ie sterilized in a  hopital grade sterilisation machine).

After each care The following measures are taken in a systematic way:

  • Dental disposable supplies are discarded (cups, gloves, saliva ejector etc.).
  • The area is carefully cleaned and disinfected with a hospital disinfectant, to ensure that all bacteria are removed.
  • Non-disposable instruments are treated in the  room sterilization  and kept sterile in specific bags.
  • Waste is sorted and disposed of in special containers to be incinerated under control and respect for the environment.

The material is treated in a way that meets current standards of sterilization in  hospitals