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Common orthodontic problems

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It is urgent to consult for the following common problems

Common problems

1.Deviation of the jaw or upper jaw is too narrow
Without  early treatment, bone asymmetry can develop. Orthodontics alone can not solve the problem and an additional  surgery  may be required at the end of the adolescence . An early  treatment can improve nasal breathing and better growth of the maxilla.

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2. Prognathism of the upper jaw and / or lower jaw retrognathism
Without early treatment , The risk of fracture of the upper incisors is increased if the upper jaw is too far forward relative to the lower jaw.

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3. Retrognathism of the upper jaw and / or lower jaw prognathism
If the lower jaw is in front of the upper jaw and the child does not receive an early treatment , Orthodontics alone cannot solve the problem and a surgery of the jaws (maxillofacial surgery) is often necessary in late adolescence or as an adult. 

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4. Gaps 
Also called spacing;Inesthetic and sometimes perpetuates 

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5. Crowding and malpositions
Considered unesthetic, brushing is very difficult, the patient is at risk of cariesInformations problemes orthodontiques courants

 6.Supraclusion or Deep Bite
The upper teeth completely cover the lower teeth, making the front teeth prone to wear, and increasing the risk of trauma to the gums  (The palate behind the upper incisors) and the gingiva in front of the lower incisors.

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7.Open Bite
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8. Impacted canines
Can damage the roots of the neighbouring teeth 

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9. Space between the upper incisors of more than 3mm
(Prevents the eruption of canines)

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10.Blocked permament tooth under a baby tooth
Damages the baby tooth prematurely and ends up making it impossible for a premolar to erupt naturally

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11. Dental agenesis
Decide the extraction of tooth or its keeps the arcade to the occlusion and skeletal pattern

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12. Presence of a supernumerary tooth
Extraction allows normal development of the tooth or teeth stuck in their eruption by its presence

Informations problemes orthodontiques courantsInformations problemes orthodontiques courants

13. Ankylosis of a baby tooth 
It's extraction allows normal development of the teeth that are blocked in their eruption by its presence

14 premature loss of teeth
(A space maintainer may be necessary to maintain the spaces allotted to the eruption of permanent teeth and to avoid the appearance of asymmetry when a tooth is lost on one side).