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At what age should I start treatment ?
We can start a treatment  at any age. Some problems are easier to solve young through growth guiding. But sometimes you have to wait. Some problems are improving all alone. It is best to consult at 7-8 years old to be examined by the orthodontist to insure that  there is nothing to do. If an  orthodontic treatment  is to be considered, the orthodontist will be able to choose the best time according to what there is to fix.

What use is a orthodontic treatment  ?
Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals malposition of the teeth and jaws.

  • to have a nice smile
  • to improve the alignement of the teeth and jaws
  • improve self-confidence
  • to have a great oral hygiene
  • to evenly distribute the pressure on the teeth and prevent wear of enamel
  • to preserve the health of the bone and gums around the teeth
  • to promote the eruption of permanent teeth 
  • avoid fractures of teeth too far forward
  • idealise teeth positions before restorative dental work or treatment

When is an orthodontic treatment needed?

  • when the front upper teeth are very high compared to the bottom front ones
  • when the top front teeth completely cover the lower ones
  • when the top front teeth are behind the lower ones
  • when the front teeth are not touching ( gap)
  • when the teeth overlap or are crowded
  • when a thumb sucking habit has created tooth malpositions or jaw deformities
  • when you have difficulty in chewing
  • when the jaw slides to one side or another
  • when there are gaps between the teeth

What is a interceptive treatment ? a treatment in 2 stages  ?
The first phase or interceptive treatment  is a orthodontic treatment that is relatively short (9 months to 14 months) performed before the eruption of all permanent teeth. This type of treatment  is made between 7 and 10 years. It allows us to prepare the space  for the 12 permanent teeth come out between 10 ½ and 12 years. It can help to redirect a abnormal jaw growth. This is also the time where habits that distort the mouth (thumb sucking, pacifier, tongue) should be stopped.
The 2nd phase,  is  more comprehensive since it takes place between 11 and 13 years, when all the permanent teeth are in the mouth. Fixed appliances called "braces"  are then used to adjust the final position of all teeth.

Can an adult have orthodontic treatment  ?
Orthodontics can be done at any age. Everyone wants a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth. More and more adults  are treated now.

How does a orthodontic treatment work   ?
The braces bonded to the teeth  are used as a fulcrum.The wires move teeth by applying a light force; because wires are superelastic they tend to return to their original shape. By doing so ,they  align the teeth on the same level in their equilibrium position.

How long does an orthodontic treatment  last for ?
The duration of a treatment  depends on what there is to fix. Generally it takes 1 ½ years to move the teeth. It also varies according to the patient's growth, cooperation. Being consistent in his appointments,cooperating with elastic wear,and having good dental hygiene can help finish the treatment on time. At the end of each treatment  in permanent dentition, there is always a period of retention without braces  with just a discrete system of retention ( lingual wire glued to the back of some teeth or a transparent tray ).

Do Braces hurt?
When braces are glued on the teeth it does not hurt. Only two hours after the installation of the braces will you begin to feel some tension on the teeth. It lasts 3-7 days. You can take your usual analgesic (Advil, Tylenol).It is usually strong enough.
The lips and cheeks will usually need 2 weeks to completely get used to the presence of the braces;wax can be used at that time if an irritation appears on the lips.

What is orthodontics?
Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals malposition of the teeth and jaws.
Only licensed dentists that have undergone a rigorious specialty training in accredited universities  for three years can call themselves Orthodontists.It is illegal for a general dentist practicing some orthodontics to let his patients believe he is a licensed orthodontist.A verification can be made at the order of dentists of Quebec to get a list of who is an recognised orthodontist.

What is an orthodontist?
This is a dentist who  after dental school has studied full time for three more years to specialize in tooth movement and the guidance of facial growth.He is uniquely qualified to get you the best results.

Do braces interfere with playing sports?
No. However, we advise our patients to wear a tooth guard when doing a sport in  which they may receive a shock.

Do braces  interfere with  playing  a musical instrument?
No. Aside from the trumpet, you can play all the instruments with braces. There is usually an adjustment period of about  one month for wind instruments.

Will I have to go see my dentist treating during treatment?
Yes. We strongly recommend having a check up at the dentist every 6 months throughout the treatment.