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The different types of braces

Informations traitements orthodontiques
Dr. David Benguira uses the latest orthodontic techniques, to ensure a more comfortable and faster treatment.

In effect, the use of the most up to date orthodontic wires enables us to move your teeth faster, and with less discomfort. These wires require less frequent adjustments, which means less missed school or work for patients and their parents.

The braces

1. Metal Braces

We use orthodontic miniature braces for comfort, children appreciate being able to customize them by choosing colors at each appointment.

Informations traitements orthodontiques

2. Transparent Braces

We also use transparent ceramic braces which are more aesthetic; they are very appreciated by our adult patients.

Informations traitements orthodontiques

3. Lingual braces

The only ones that are truly invisible. They can be used in even the most complex cases, which is not always possible with Invisalign trays.

Informations traitements orthodontiques